Our company accepts talented and well advised investors that clearly see our vision and want to express their own sense of vision through our efforts. Whether you believe the Mini Dome is the housing solution of the future or that our music and films have a valid point of view that resonates with a large section of society, or that educational and creative services can impact local communities in a positive way, there are many ways to be involved in the growth of our company.

Success, in our opinion is measured by our ability to describe a future and carve that future out through study, application of that study and continued perseverance through all obstacles.

This is what you will be investing in. You will be investing in a mindset. A belief. A belief that all things are possible as long as we are willing to learn, prepare, execute and continue.

Contact us with your interst in investing or service on our board of advisors or even donate to our organization. We look forward to your contact.

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