Igloo Creek - Lake Livingston, Texas 

The Igloo Starts like any building. A foundation is prepped, poured, cured and built upon..Only our Igloos are literally sprayed on with conrete over a steel reinforced rebar cage (placed by hand) then insulated with a spray foam coat to an R-Value or R 39. Interior is framed, plumbed, wired , finished and the Igloo can be the most comfortable structure you have ever spent time in. It's shape lends to a feeling of continal space. Square rooms and structures give you that "walls caving in on you" feeling. You may also find it amazing how sound travels in this structure. Take a look at the journey from beginning to the finished product. Call us to begin discussing plans for us to build YOUR Igloo. a 1/4 acre is all you will need sometime less.

Mini Dome Completed Mini Dome

   dome interior interior Kitchen igloo upgrade       

 Our Igloos are featured on news outlets around the world. Currently, we use ours as a weekend cabin, have plans to make some affordable models for use as recording studios, guest cabins, movie houses, gamerooms, personal bars, gyms,storm shelters,garages and much more. 2 or more can be connected for a larger area of usage. We have over 6 years experience in the proper construction of these buildings. Hire us to build yours today. 

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